What is Ditsy Bits?

Ditsy Bits is an independent clothing brand, run by owner Emilie Williams from her Dublin based Studio.

Set up as a clothing brand in 2022, Ditsy Bits went from hand painted tees to screen printing in house - and more recently to outsourcing the printing process to a Dublin based print studio.

Ditsy Bits’ core values stem from slow fashion, community and a love for Irish culture.

How Ditsy Bits works

Ditsy Bits operates by producing limited collections on a small quantity basis. The reason we do this is to remain part of the slow fashion community that is close to our heart, steering clear of producing more items than needed. We never want anything to go to waste.

We are constantly learning as Ditsy Bits grows, and always aim to print on materials that we have carefully sourced to make sure they last you a life time and not just a night.

As Ditsy Bits grows, we have had to adapt and change the way it runs, but we always aim to stay true to the quality and efficiency that is so important to the brand.

Where does my item come from?

Your Ditsy Bits tee is designed and printed in Dublin, Ireland.

We love having the whole process take place in the area the brand was born.